All Natural, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Cleaner
Eco-Reviver: A Whole New Level Of Clean
Eco-Reviver does not just clean surfaces: It restores them to look like new again, but without harmful chemicals!

Non-chemical, Non-toxic, Non-compromising

At Eco-Reviver, we believe that you shouldn’t have to use aggressive chemicals to clean your home or restore your patio and yard furniture. We also believe that you shouldn’t be forced to compromise on a cleaner’s effectiveness if you want it to be child-safe, pet-safe and plant-safe. That’s why eco-reviver contains no Phthalates, Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, 2-Butoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, or other chemicals that you’d find in typical household cleaners.

Our main component is Oxalic acid (Acidum Oxalicum), a substance that can be isolated from wood sorrel, but, to a lesser extent, is also found in vegetables like spinach, garlic and rhubarb, to name a few. Because our product is made of natural ingredients, Eco-Reviver is fully bio-degradable. Eco-Reviver was formulated to fully restore wood, metal, plastic/vinyl and stone surfaces to their original beauty with as little work as possible.

  • All Natural, Child-Safe Formula
  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Sturdy Birch Wood Scrub Brush

How To Use Eco-Reviver

Eco-reviver is made to be easy to use. It does not matter whether the surface you’re cleaning is wood, metal, vinyl, brick, plastic or other forms of stone, or whether you’re using eco-reviver indoors or outdoors; the application always follows the same three steps:

Spray Eco-Reviver

eco-reviver how to use cleaner step 1

Wait 10 Minutes

eco-reviver how to use cleaner step 2

Wipe Away With Water

eco-reviver how to use cleaner step 3

The 10 minute waiting period allows eco-reviver to penetrate into the material and actually lift the dirt and pollutants out of its surface. The scrubbing and rinsing in the third step then removes the dirt particles that eco-reviver broke loose. This is how eco-reviver is different from other cleaners: It does not just remove what’s ON the surface, but actually lifts pollutants that are IN the first surface layer. Eco-reviver does not just clean surfaces, it restores them. And of course we ship a special-purpose scrub-brush as part of every eco-reviver package at no extra cost. The only thing our kit does not include is the rinsing water.

Applications & Uses

Restore Faded Wood

eco-reviver cleaner restore faded wood

Clear Road Grime

eco-reviver cleaner clean car parts

Remove Dirt Buildup

eco-reviver cleaner remove dirt and grime

Tough Kitchen Stains

eco-reviver clean kitchen and home appliances

Outdoor Furniture & Playsets

eco-reviver cleaner use on outdoor furniture and toys

Brick, Tile & Granite

eco-reviver clean brick, tile, and granite

Eco-Reviver Special Value Pack

eco-reviver buy now main product image 1
eco-reviver buy now product image 2 eco-reviver buy now product image 1

Two Spraybottles Plus a High-Quality Scrub Brush

Eco - Reviver is a highly effective professional specialty product for the rapid, simple and easy removal of tough stains, rust, gray veils, discolorations, dirt buildups and environmental pollution. It works on virtually any hard surface, such as wood, metal, brick, granite, terracotta, plastic, vinyl, cast iron, etc. Eco-Reviver does not just clean dirt off of these surfaces, but actually penetrates into the material and refreshes it as new. The very natural base acts quickly and without pollutants.

Our special package includes one 32 oz. Spraybottle of Eco-Reviver, along with a second Spraybottle (16 oz.) and a high quality scrub brush with a massive birchwood handle, designed specifically for use with eco-reviver. This is a $60.00 value, selling at only $19.95.

  • 32 oz Spraybottle Eco-Reviver. Retail Value: $30.00
  • 16 oz Spraybottle Eco-Reviver. Retail Value: $15.00
  • High-Quality, Heavy Duty scrub brush. Retail Value: $15.00

package price: $60.00 $19.95