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Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Guide to Cleaning Rusty Items & Antiques

March 21, 2018 Dominic Vacchiano

  Do you have old items or antiques that are rusty and beat up; your grandfather’s old knife that he passed down to you? Unique antiques you picked up at a flea market? You don’t have to throw away these sentimental and historical pieces, I’ll show you a way to bring them back to their former glory. The secret here is to use Eco Reviver; it saves you time, energy, and is very effective. Now that you have Step 1: Gather Items There are only 3 things you need: Old item / antique that needs cleaning Small bowl or bucket...

Get a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning

March 14, 2018 Dominic Vacchiano

  Spring is right around the corner, and not only does that mean warmer weather, it also means it’s time for some spring cleaning.  All the cleaning and household projects can get overwhelming and seem impossible. We are going to show you how it can be a breeze this season with Eco Reviver. The key is Eco Revivers formula is suitable for almost any material. Whether you are cleaning your kitchen floor, or the exterior of your boat, eco reviver is your one stop shop. What exactly can Eco Reviver work on, and how? Eco Reviver is Useful Indoors: Not...

Spring Cleaning - How to Clean Rusty Old Tools

March 07, 2018 Dominic Vacchiano

Spring is approaching and that means so are your outdoor projects. Whether it’s home improvement or some nifty project you found on Pinterest, there’s 2 things you’re going to need; some elbow grease and your tools. The prior is all ready to go (That’s you!) but the latter may need some dusting off (or de-rusting). That’s where Eco-Reviver comes in.

Eco Reviver Review and Giveaway!

December 12, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

Eco Reviver was featured and put to the test by a lifestyle/family blogger Diary of a Little Peach.  The safe and easy characteristics of Eco Reviver are perfect for her family focused lifestyle.  She cleaned a spot of grout on her kitchen floor.  Above you can see the cleaned area.  A quick excerpt from her reaction: "The grout was just as bright as it is in the hidden corners of the kitchen where nobody ever walks and nothing is ever spilled. Eco-Reviver really did a great job of lifting the grime away and making the grout look like new." You...

Can Eco Reviver Really Do This?

October 24, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

Moisture in the air or through any contact quickly oxidizes, rendering your tools, pots, or any metal item useless.  But wait, there is a solution.  Eco Reviver can remove rust!  You don’t need to throw away that perfectly good pair of pliers, or buy some specialty rust remover product.  Eco Reviver naturally and effectively removes rust.

Follow these easy steps for removing rust...