Eco Reviver Product Review

Eco Reviver Review and Giveaway!

December 12, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

Eco Reviver was featured and put to the test by a lifestyle/family blogger Diary of a Little Peach.  The safe and easy characteristics of Eco Reviver are perfect for her family focused lifestyle.  She cleaned a spot of grout on her kitchen floor.  Above you can see the cleaned area.  A quick excerpt from her reaction:
"The grout was just as bright as it is in the hidden corners of the kitchen where nobody ever walks and nothing is ever spilled. Eco-Reviver really did a great job of lifting the grime away and making the grout look like new."
You can read the entire post here.
Even with the little one running around, Eco Reviver was easy to use and effective.  The kitchen tile grout is hard to reach during normal cleaning routines, and is a high traffic area.  Children, and pets spend a lot of time roaming around the kitchen, so making sure it's clean and safe is important.  That's why Eco Reviver was perfect for this task.
Bonus: Free Giveaway!
Diary of a Little Peach is giving away a bottle of Eco Reviver.  Check out her review of Eco Reviver to enter!

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