Guide to Cleaning Rusty Items & Antiques

Guide to Cleaning Rusty Items & Antiques

March 21, 2018 Dominic Vacchiano


Do you have old items or antiques that are rusty and beat up; your grandfather’s old knife that he passed down to you? Unique antiques you picked up at a flea market? You don’t have to throw away these sentimental and historical pieces, I’ll show you a way to bring them back to their former glory. The secret here is to use Eco Reviver; it saves you time, energy, and is very effective. Now that you have

Step 1: Gather Items

There are only 3 things you need:

  1. Old item / antique that needs cleaning
  2. Small bowl or bucket that the item fits in
  3. Eco Reviver Natural Cleaner & Complimentary Brush

Now that you have all the necessary things, let’s get down to business and tackle those rusty antiques.

Step 2: Fill Bowl with Eco Reviver

Take your Eco Reviver, and fill the bowl or bucket with enough so that the rusty or dirty part of the antique item can be submerged. Eco Reviver is effective on a lot of different materials such as metal, wood and plastic, so almost any item can be cleaned. You can clean all the different surface materials of an item at the same time saving you time and energy.

Step 3: Place Item / Antique into Bowl

Place your item / antique into the bowl, making sure the dirty or rusty part is fully submerged in the Eco Reviver solution. You do not need to wear gloves as eco reviver is safe for you, your pets, and your plants. Unlike other cleaning solutions that use harsh chemicals to clean, eco reviver uses gentle all natural solutions.

Step 4: Wait 24 Hours

Carry on with your daily activities and get everything else done that you need to. Let Eco Reviver do its magic (and all the work). No more sitting there for hours scrubbing away with nothing to show for, and definitely no more harmful chemicals that force you to wear gloves and glasses only to find out your items have disintegrated. Eco Reviver combines the best of both worlds; effectiveness and safety. Set your alarm or make a mental note, and once the 24 hours are up move onto the last and final step.

Step 5: Remove the Item / Antique and Brush Away with Ease

Remove the item from the bowl, again no gloves required, and gently brush the rust and dirt away with the eco reviver brush that’s included. You can literally see the rust that has been removed in the bowl. The best part is, your item / antique is undamaged and ready to go.

You have the antique, you have the knowledge, now all you need is Eco Reviver. We are offering a limited time special where we give you an extra bottle and a wood scrub brush for free, hurry before our supply runs out. Eco Reviver is a natural multi-purpose cleaner so it can tackle any job around the house or yard. It is also child, pet, and plant safe.

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