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How to Clean Your Stone Patio

August 11, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

Children and pets that are playing and running around outside naturally leads to tracks of dirt and dust all over your patio and deck.  Stone and concrete patios begin to look dark and gritty after the buildup of dirt starts to set in.  In order to conserve the clean, new appearance of patios and decks, it is important to get in between the grooves and spaces in the tiles and pull up all the dirt and discolorations.  The video below shows how this will work, and also includes a practical guide on how to ensure a clean and vibrant patio.

1. Spray Stone or Concrete Patio with Eco Reviver

Eco Reviver Non Toxic Cleaner Step 1

Spray the dirty and discolored areas with Eco Reviver.  Make sure to wet all the areas you wish to clean, spraying thoroughly and evenly for best results.  Make sure you spray in between the tiles and on any uneven areas the tiles may have.  Eco Reviver works on a variety of surfaces, so you can clean multi-surfaced patios easily.

2. Wait 10 Minutes

Eco Reviver Non Toxic Cleaner Step 2

Allow 10 minutes for the gentle deep cleansers of Eco Reviver to work.  The active ingredients in Eco Reviver can be found in smaller concentrations in foods and plants.  More info on the ingredients and .  While waiting, begin spraying other areas of the patio that need cleaning so you can tackle the entire job quickly and easily.

3. Scrub Away with Water

Eco Reviver Non Toxic Cleaner Step 3

Wet a brush with water and scrub away the dirt and grime.  The patio will look like new.  The Eco Reviver formula is also safe for kids and pets allowing for a worry free play area.  It is safe immediately after use and won’t harm your garden either.  Once you brushed off the loosened dirt, allow the patio some time to air dry.

We recommend Eco-Reviver, a multi-purpose non-toxic cleaner for all your outdoor and indoor summer cleaning needs.   Eco Reviver is safe for your children, plants, and pets.  It is safe immediately after use and is bio-degradable, so it won’t negatively affect the environment.  Eco Reviver, along with the easy steps mentioned above, will leave your patio looking brand new!

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