What Is The Best Way to Clean a Refrigerator? Easy Fridge Cleaning

What Is The Best Way to Clean a Refrigerator?

September 05, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

It is important to regularly and thoroughly clean your fridge to keep it neat and tidy, and make sure the food you store can stay clean and fresh as well.  However, since the surfaces you’re cleaning inside your fridge will be in direct contact with food and food containers, there are certain precautionary steps that we’d recommend to anyone when cleaning your fridge:

How to Clean a Fridge

Key Steps to Cleaning Your Fridge:

  1. Remove all food from the refrigerator, this enables you to get into every corner and clean thoroughly.
  2. Remove any drawers or shelves. This allows you to easily clean them in the sink or on the counter.
  3. Use a green cleaner or natural cleaner to clean the surfaces and remove dirt. The choice of your cleaning product is even more important than usual in this case, as the fridge comes in contact with your food. 
  4. Spray and wipe down all surfaces inside the fridge. Also spray and wipe the shelves and drawers you previously took out.  Always follow the directions on the cleaner for effectiveness and safety.
  5. Once refrigerator is clean, put back drawers, shelves, and food. Keeping a clean fridge does not only look appealing, but also keeps your food safe and sanitary.  Remember to throw away old and spoiled food.

Are Natural cleaning Products better than Chemical ones?

Yes, all-natural cleaners are absolutely recommendable for cleaning around the home, since here especially health and safety are a concern.  When cleaning the fridge it is important to be safe and hygienic.  A non-toxic cleaner like Eco Reviver is perfect for this job.

Can I Use Regular Cleaning Products to Clean the Fridge?

Some cleaners are ok to use, but remember that most conventional cleaners contain harsh and aggressive chemicals you don’t want getting on your food.  These cleaners can be too strong and have negative side effects.  Our recommendation: Using plenty of water along with a natural cleaner works best for fridge clean up.

Are Disinfectants Ok to Use in the Fridge?

Disinfectants should NEVER be used in the fridge.  Food that comes in contact with disinfectants is no longer safe for consumption.  Disinfecting chemicals are so strong that they can make people ill and sick if ingested, especially by children.  When cleaning in the kitchen, or especially the fridge, it is best to use natural non-toxic cleaners.

What Are Some Easy Steps to Maintain a Clean Fridge?

  1. Check regularly for old or spoiled food and throw it out. Foods that are past their expiration date or with visible mold on them can contaminate other items. This is an easy and effective starting step.
  2. Clean up any leaks or spills that occur in the fridge immediately. Loose caps or tops can cause leaks and this can drip onto other foods.  Be sure to deal with spills right away.
  3. Place a small plastic container of baking soda at the bottom of your refrigerator. Baking soda helps absorb strong odors and keeps your fridge smelling fresh.

This video demonstrates the qualities of a non toxic cleaner, such as Eco Reviver


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