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Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Beware of Harmful Chemicals in Unexpected Areas of Your Household

June 29, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

It is widely understood today that not all substances we are around in our modern environment are healthy for us, let alone babies and children. During a child’s first 9 months the brain develops rapidly.  It is crucial to keep the surrounding environment as healthy, clean and toxin free as possible. The tricky, and somewhat unexpected part is that a lot of the products that we’re using to do exactly this, to keep our children’s surroundings clean, are often burdened with aggressive chemicals and problematic substances themselves. Please find below a list of commonly occurring substances that can be dangerous...

Never Pressure Wash Your Deck

June 08, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

Summer season is here, so that means soon companies will start knocking on your door asking if you need your deck, patio, or roof cleaned.  What these companies don’t tell you is that with their way of cleaning they will also ruin your wooden decks and patios, because their way of cleaning includes a pressure washer nine times out of ten.  Pressure washing will make wood look nice and clean for the moment, but in the long run the effects of pressure washing on wood can be disastrous. Older weathered wood is especially susceptible to harm.  Here are the crucial...

Cleaning Tips – Dealing with Humidity

May 31, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

Summer is here and that means humidity coming in full force.  Depending on where you live, humidity can cause a lot of cleaning headaches.  Humidity needs to be dealt with both inside the house as well as outside.  I will share some tips and tricks on how to stay clean and dry in the humid summer. 1. Clean the Refrigerator The refrigerator should be cleaned of old food once a week to decrease the chance of mold. The surfaces of the fridge should be wiped down frequently to rid any bacteria buildup. A non-toxic cleaner is key to stay safe...

Tips to Make Cleaning up Summer Messes a Breeze

May 25, 2017 Dominic Vacchiano

The kids are off from school and this means a trail of dirt and mud all around the house.  Summer days can be hectic but that doesn’t mean cleaning needs to be.  I will share some secret tips on how to keep the house, yard, and kids clean and tidy.  The most important part is to use a non-toxic cleaner that is safe for your kids and pets.