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Eco-Reviver Special Value Pack

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Two Spraybottles Plus a High-Quality Scrub Brush

Eco - Reviver is a highly effective professional specialty product for the rapid, simple and easy removal of tough stains, rust, gray veils, discolorations, dirt buildups and environmental pollution. It works on virtually any hard surface, such as wood, metal, brick, granite, terracotta, plastic, vinyl, cast iron, etc. Eco-Reviver does not just clean dirt off of these surfaces, but actually penetrates into the material and refreshes it as new. The very natural base acts quickly and without pollutants.

Our special package includes one 32 oz. Spraybottle of Eco-Reviver, along with a second Spraybottle (16 oz.) and a high quality scrub brush with a massive birchwood handle, designed specifically for use with eco-reviver. This is a $60.00 value, selling at only $19.95.

  • 32 oz Spraybottle Eco-Reviver. Retail Value: $30.00
  • 16 oz Spraybottle Eco-Reviver. Retail Value: $15.00
  • High-Quality, Heavy Duty scrub brush. Retail Value: $15.00

package price: $60.00 $19.95

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